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Nov. 11th, HAEINSA 13:00~18:00

Theme Park of Tripitaka Koreana

Tripitaka Koreana, a collection of wooden printing blocks stored in Haeinsa, was originally carved during Goryeo Dynasty. However, when it was destroyed by fire during the Mongol invasions of Korea, King Gojong ordered the revision and recreation of the Tripitaka.

Heinsa Temple & 80,000 Wood Printing Blocks

Haeinsa is one of the 10 Hwaeom Temples built in Silla Dynasty to expand and enhance the proud and spiritual foundation of Hwaeomjong (Flower Garland: a tradition of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy that flourished in China during the Tang period) .

$ 20 (Pre-sign up), $ 25 (On-site Price)
▶Bus, English-Speaking Guide, Admission Fee included

12th, GYEONGJU 13:00~20:30

Seokguram Grotto

Seokguram Grotto, the greatest masterpiece of the golden age of Silla, is a heritage property in which architecture, mathematical principles, geometry, religion, and art are collectively realized through its design and construction.

Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple is the representative relic of Gyeongju and was designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995. The beauty of the temple itself and the artistic touch of the stone relics are known throughout the world.


Anapji means "Goose and Duck Lake." It was originally constructed in 674 during the reign of Munmu, the 30th king of Silla. Munmu's family was blessed with success. His father, King Muyeol, unified the Korean peninsula in 668, engineering the defeat of the Baekje and Goguryeo kingdoms kingdoms which fell in 660 and 668, respectively.

$ 30 (Pre-sign up), $ 35 (On-site Price)
▶Bus, English-Speaking Guide, Admission Fee, Dinner included

12th, DAEGU 18:00~22:00

Seo-mun Night Market

Seomun Market of Daegu is steeped in history. Along with Pyeongyang Market and Ganggyeong Market, Seomun Market was one of the three main markets during the Joseon Dynasty. It is situated only 300m from the West Gate of the city, and is befittingly named ‘Seomunsijang’ or ‘West Gate Market.’ Though the market has grown from its small size, the historic names of the alleyways such as Hongdukkaejeon and Daekjeon have remained unchanged.

E-World 83 Tower

83 Tower is a symbol of Daegu and offers an incredible view of the entire city. The tower also has a revolving restaurant and Sky Lounge, offering top cuisine and night views of the city.

$ 17 (Pre-sign up), $ 23 (On-site Price)
▶Bus, English-Speaking Guide, Admission Fee included