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  • Prof. Byeongteck Kang

    Prof. Byeongteck Kang

    Chungbuk National University

    Title개, 고양이 알레르기 피부질환 최신 경향에 관하여 (Korean Only, for Korean Veterinarian)

  • Prof. Chul Park

    Prof. Chul Park

    Chonbuk National University

    Title내분비성 피부질환, 진단과 치료 (Korean Only, for Korean Veterinarian)

  • Prof. Koji Nishifuji

    Prof. Koji Nishifuji

    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

    TitleCanine Pyoderma: From the Bench to the Clinic

  • Dr. Masahiko Nagata

    Dr. Masahiko Nagata

    Synergy Animal General Hospital (SAGH)

    TitleHey Doggy, Are You Itchy or Not Itchy ?

  • Prof. Stephen David White

    Prof. Stephen David White

    UC Davis

    TitleDermatology Emergencies and Life-threatening Skin Diseases in Dogs and Cats